Legacy system components
At Orleafy, we think its key to keep systems going for as long a reasonably possible with upgrading or maintaining and servicing existing hardware before you consider replacing your existing hardware. We see all kinds of businesses replacing the old with new on a regular basis. However, a huge percentage of the time. The new hardware, ends up running the same applications that the previous hardware was. All be it only slightly faster. Not really justifying the huge outlay of costs and time assioatated with backup, migration, installation, testing and then decommissioning the last generation of hardware.

Overtime hardware does get replaced with newer shinner versions. But due to the already established standards, for memory, CPU's and storage. As the newer generation of hardware gets released. The previous generations have a huge fall of in cost. But the performance value didn't change compared with whats already running your applications or services. Upgrading components within existing hardware, is a lot more affordable, lower downtime and more sustainable. With most upgrades being competed with a few hours ather over the course of a weekend taking up employees personal time, especially when things don't go to plan.