What we're about
Everyday we see a huge number of electronics that are thrown away due to users thinking that the hardware is no longer fit for purpose. This mainly occours when companis such as Microsoft and Apple, amount other large companies. Make the conscious decision to no longer support. We want too allow computing hardware to be utilaised to its fullest potential for the full life of the hardware.
What we've been doing
Web development updates
03/04/2024 BUG FIX - We noticed that the entire menu bar was an actionable link, extending beyond the logo home button when not precisely targeted. To address this, we placed the logo within a container to limit the link boundary.

01/04/2024 Titles and spacing - The titles, text, spacing, splitters, and hyperlink styles, have been reformatted across both wide and narrow stylesheets. Resulting in improved consistency between both versions of the site.

29/03/2024 Menu bar consistency - The desktop menu bar, now in a separate file displayed via PHP include, remains largely unchanged. With mobile elements now renamed and aligned for consistency. The revised setup ensures seamless viewing across devices, with menu links adjusting visibility based on screen width, easily observed by rotating your phone.

27/03/2024 Separated footer - We've implemented a PHP include for the footer code, simplifying updates to just one file and ensuring changes reflect across the entire site. Plus, the reformatting per stylesheet works a treat.

26/03/2024 Orleafy Version 8.0 - Orleafy's overdue overhaul begins today, marking the first major recode since 2014. The focus is on enhancing screen adaptability, replacing the previous cumbersome dual-loading system with a single-page, dual-stylesheet approach. This new method dynamically adjusts styles based on screen size, streamlining content management and improving user experience across devices.