Another Breath
A New Story Design
Yes! You read that right, Orleafy has turned 10! The Orleafy domain name was first registered on the 10th June 2009. This was my second web project that I published to the world wide web. Over these past 10 years Orleafy has been many things. From, selling computer hardware, listening to music, viewing personal photography and even selling equestrian supplies.

These past two years I have been working my way back to Orleafy?s roots, this is of course, professional photography. I decided re-light the fire on a much neglected hobby of mine. This has lead to many late nights coding in order to get Orleafy to the high standard it is today. From the viewing experience to the organised tagging system, every single part of Orleafy has had a lot of time spent getting it just right.

The push for 2019, is to support other local photographers. After dealing with a logistical nightmare of a getting my framed photos to customers. I wanted to provide a platform where photographers can easily earn something back to support their hobby. Photographers will submit their images, set the price, select the sizes and frame finishes for their photos to be displayed in. Photographers will then be able to get their photos physically appreciated by customers. Without the usual hassles of doing so.

The project is still currently in the work's and it will take some time before it can go live, but the Orleafy Shop platform will be going live soon and will allow me to test the system along with the layout and design before opening it up to a wider audience. My aim is to take away the logistical stresses, allowing to photographers to stay in touch with what they love.
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