Another Breath
A New Story Design
The story section of Orleafy was last re-designed back in beginning of 2015. The previous design was to showcase a lot of regular updates about business matters at the time. This was later spun out in to a completely separate web site.

Fast forward to the later half of 2018. The type of content that will be showcased is more stand alone. Ranging from experiences to tips and everything interesting about photography in between.

Having structure to improve the reading experience, along with the new layout, lets the individual stories stand out. By also getting rid of the general clutter that usually comes along with a traditional blog, this has allowed the content to have all the space it needs. This has meant I was able to start from a clean slate and still be able to sport a unique yet logical layout.

This new design to the story section has brought along a few new button designs that have since been implemented through out the whole of Orleafy.

I have toned down the use of blue buttons across the site. Saving these for use on story posts and photography tags. To keep things fresh they are now more rounded along with the new buttons only being an outline which fill on hover and press.

All of the previous posts from over the years, haven't gone away. Instead, I have created a new section called the personal side. This has all of the previous posts dating back to 2012! I will still continue to post smaller stories that aren't photography related on the personal side. Keeping these stories purely about photography and Orleafy.
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