Behind The Lens - 2018
Another Breath
Orleafy Apparel
For some time now, I have been thinking about possible products that I could offer for sale that I my self would find useful. Of course, this new idea comes with it’s own new section, aptly named: Orleafy Apparel.

I have decided to put the Orleafy Apparel section on The PhotoShop, keeping everything that is purchasable in one place. Removing possible confusion to where things can be found and allowing items to be brought within one basket. Of course this also keeps things simple by only having one store and payment system to manage.

The first products that are available for purchase are: Two types of hoodie. Both are unisex and come in the timeless Orleafy Grey. Sporting the logo on the front left of the chest area. You can choose from a pullover or a zipped hoodie.

The next item is a medium sized backpack, offering an internal sleeve for a laptop and a nice pouch on the front for accessories, along with comfortable straps. Perfect when being worn for long periods. It lastly features another pocket on the panel against your back, this allows you to keep your wallet or phone against you when being worn.

I hope you like what I have to offer so far. I do plan to add more products that I find useful in the future. Feel free to make any product or design suggestions below.
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Available For Purchase
Over this past week I have been making some big changes to The PhotoShop. With this, I have also been pushing towards having all of the portfolio collection available for purchase.

I have been busy reorganising all of the shop categories and the menu links. Hopefully you will all approve of the changes, as I feel this improves interaction with the site.

On Orleafy it’s self you may notice some new shop banners. These have been placed on the main section pages, along with each of the portfolio display pages. The banners have been made to automatically resize to the width of your browser window, further complementing the design of Orleafy, while Keeping things clear and easy to navigate.
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Behind The Scenes
Since launching the mini collection that originally featured on Instagram. I’ve received a very positive response to both the design of The PhotoShop, and the way the work is displayed. Today I wanted to show a little bit of the behind the scenes of what goes on, along with, the process of taking a photo of a photo.

My first challenge was building a few scenes for the frames to sit in. I was trying not to make them over powering so they didn't distract away for the photos. This took a few hours of searching to see what small object might work. After all this fiddling around, I had in total, four scenes and eights photos. Not a lot really in comparison to the amount of test shots that were taken. But once the scenes were created, I took two photos. One of the scene with the white frame and other with the black.

Once transferred from the Camera to the Mac, I then got to work editing the scenes. First off, I edited and cropped each photo to give me a nice base to start with. The next stage was impose the the photos in to the frame within the scenes. This was done twice for each photo within each frame. By doing this, I saved hours on achieving the same effect. When compared to manually switching the photos between frames and across scenes. Not to mention having to edit each photo after the fact.

Personally I am pleased with the way the photos have turned out. And from the feedback a lot of you are also. Of course as always there is room for improvement but now that I've worked out the kinks throughout the process. Next time around I'll be able to build up on what I had done previously.
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The Orleafy PhotoShop
2018_09_15 IMG 1
It's taken a bit of time planning, designing and implementing an e-commerce system with Orleafy. But it's finally coming together, offering an equal balance of design to showcase the photography along with providing an easy to use purchasing experience. That supports, ApplePay, PayPal and other traditional payment methods.

I am at a point along the design process where it's time to finally start selling my work. As you could imagine, over the years I have taken hundreds of shots. This has lead having to go thought each and every single one of them and I have been left with a completely new collection, that I have aptly named: The Portfolio Collection. However, I will still be keeping the Mini Collection that first appeared on Instagram.

The launch of the PhotoShop not only allows for me to sell my prints but will also give me a platform to sell apparel along with other kinds of photography merchandise. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.
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Orleafy Version 6 is here!
I know your all trying not to explode with excitement, and wondering what is new on Orleafy Version 6. Alright maybe not, but I'm going to tell you anyway!

It looks no different, but it's all newly coded. I am once again talking about the menu bar, this goes for both the desktop and mobile platforms. Let's start with the desktop changes. The layering has finally been sorted. This was essential since adding the fade effects on the page elements. This left the menu bar getting covered up until the animation had finished, before it corrected it's self, putting the logo back on the top layer.

Since the layering issues has been sorted, I have fixed the menu bar to the top of the page. Along with a subtle shadow has been added to create a bit of definition to the design when viewing large images. As for the mobile layout, the menu bar is now full width along with the drop down, no more white borders. And just like the desktop the menu bar is also fixed to the top at all times. With the same subtle drop shadow. This doesn't add much to the overall look to Orleafy but when using the web site to browsing through photos, it's a pleasant experience. I am very happy with the way this has turned out.

The photo display pages on both device layouts have been corrected to always centre the image. Works nicely on mobile devices where it could sometimes become cropped. With this small change I have also added the ability to use the arrow keys to switch between the images. No more using the mouse or tapping one at a time. Although you still can if you want. The back buttons have also been moved to the menu bars, meaning they are now always present at the top of the page.

As also mentioned previously, a lot of elements across Orleafy now fade in when loading. Nothing special but I just think this sets the right mood when viewing some high quality photographs. Lastly, is the footer. I have re-centred it, just like the menu bar so it sits perfectly at the bottom of each page.

These are just some of the changes to Orleafy. Keep an eye out as I have some more updates shortly.
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Photos Gets Functional v5.9
A little while back in May this year, I started working on some plans to further improve the functionality of the photos section. The fist issue, in my opinion, was the commenting system. Previously I was using Facebooks embedded system that linked back to the Facebook community page. While this was really easy to implement with Orleafy’s existing code. It was far from reliable. This sometimes left comments being duplicated or people having login issues. Which was strange, but as I don't control the code base, I could only ask Facebook what was happening. This took ages to resolve and I could tell it was not on their priority list. As they have a lot users data to collect.

In the past I've used a commenting system called, Disqus. They are self supported and have many methods of of implementing their code. Along with it being updated regularly and free being supported by ads. Everything looks to be positive and this service sizes nicely across desktop and mobile devices. I have since rolled this out across the whole story section of Orleafy as well as the photo section. Completely getting rid of the Facebook commenting system.

Next on my improvement list, was to solve something at the tip of every photographers tongue. What settings was the camera on when your took the photo? Well wonder no more. Every photo uploaded now shows all of the meta data about the photograph. Such as: The Camera, Lens, Aperture, Shutter, Focal Point, ISO and lastly the Location. I hope you all find this useful.

The last feature that I wanted to implement was a tagging system. Allowing you to drill down to see all photos of a particular type. Such as: Sunsets, Landscapes, Trees and so on. As the gallery grows over time. My fear is that it will become daunting for people to see all the images. By giving the tools to break down the gallery allows visitors to view what they are interested in but easily see the full gallery. The last change was to the gallery layout it’s self. Each photo now displays it’s title, along with the photo code and the view counter. Which of course, updates live as the photos are viewed.

As always, changes like this take a lot of effort. Along side the other day to day tasks such as editing schedule and the actual photography. If you find any errors while looking though the content, or have any suggestions to improve. Comment below or get in touch on your social platform of choice.
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A Lot of Late Nights
Lately I have been making a strong effort to try and finish some of the many projects that I have all going at once. This has so far resulted in a lot of late nights. I have also been making many changes to the Orleafy platform. Even though I've only just finished rolling out version 5.8. Many more changes are still on the to do list.

It doesn't look like it will be to long until version 5.9 is be published. As it stands, some of the projects that I have been working on include. My Vinyl Collection, Orleafy.Design, Another Breath, Airway Clearance web app and the possible relaunch of Orleafy.Music.

My Vinyl Collection has been left untouched for about a year now, so I have given that page a bit of a re-organise. Along with breaking up the many records in to sections, making space as my library grows over time.

The Orleafy platform has received a lot of under the hood updates, that I am still working on. But the aim is to further improve performance across the whole of Orleafy. This has resulted a few minor section redesigns. Firstly being the vinyl collection and the second being Another Breath, originally called this but renamed to charity support. As I did see my self supporting other charities but this has so far proven to be harder than first thought. So Another Breath is making a come back. But it will be more than just a way to make donations for a good cause. I have updated the pages information. Detailing the hardship of living with Cystic Fibrosis. What the disease is and of course featuring your kind donations you have all made over the years. I have also made space to feature the Airway Clearance app that I have recently coded. Originally created to help my self out with Airways Clearance it seems to have been a little hit. And I'm glad others are also finding it useful. Stay tuned for more information about this project as it's currently still in beta.

Lastly, you did read the above paragraph correctly. Orleafy.Music might be making a come back. This has been taking up a lot of my personal time planning and coding. But I recently came across a few old files from Orleafy version 3.0. Along with some recent events coming together. Things are hopefully going to fall in to place. But time will tell, so keep your eyes pealed. As I will of course be posting updates on the project.
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Higher Quality Photos
Over the years, displays have become higher resolution, along with mobile devices having faster connections. Making the need for lower quality photos no longer necessary leaving the viewing experience a bit lack lustre when compared with the design side. Especially when it comes to larger displays.

Originally having the lower resolution was for loading times on mobile devices. As well as preventing the want to copy my work.

From now on, the photos uploaded to Orleafy will be slightly higher resolution. The display resolution was originally set at 750 pixels, that’s dating back to 2010. Keeping in mind that most computer displays were only 1024 pixels wide. Around 2013 I did increase the resolution to 900 pixels. But this was only for newer photos.

For the first time in years I have created the desired layout for the display pages. They suit both mobile and desktop needs perfectly. The image resolutions in some cases were just awful on the new layout. Because of this, I have re-processed all the images to 1500 pixels. With this I have also removed a few photos that haven’t stood up the test of time. This now finishes the photo display pages off nicely. I have also increased the thumbnail photos from 250 pixels to 500 pixels. Making the gallery page pop. This added detail looks great!
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Orleafy Design
For years now, web site design has been a hobby of mine. This year though I plan to make it more than a hobby. For starters, I've decided to make Orleafy Design a separate site. To showcase the design projects and services. Orleafy will of course link to relevant sections on the new site.

This will allow me to have a separate location to display the services and projects, along with additional content about the design process and unique factors of a particular project.

The last and the best reason for this split, is of course the awesome domain: Orleafy.Design. Could it be any simpler? It fit's the Orleafy naming scheme perfectly and is yet so clean. It's always the small details.

As always your feedback is appreciated, so feel free to comment below. You can view the new site by clicking the link below.
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A Little Clean Up
It’s the time of year where we all like to have a little clean up along with a bit of a reorg. The same also goes for Orleafy. I have cleared up some clutter by merging a few sections in to one place. I’m now calling this cluster of pages, the socialise section. Gone is the 90's message me form. Email is broken! Everything is easily accessible through social media, just use what you prefer.

The photo display pages on mobile have had a bit or a reorder making things easier to view and navigate between images.

New social links have been added to footer as well a new links to popular projects. I have also removed google plus and tumblr as not much social interaction on those sites anymore. I will still be posting to those platforms, so if your already following don’t worry! These two links have been replaced with Snapchat and Snupps. Be sure to follow, as my shelves will be updated when I find something interesting.
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